ADHD Evaluation & Treatment


If you or your child have exhibited any of these behaviors, it’s possible that ADHD is present. Not to mention, these symptoms have probably led to tension and conflict in your relationships, causing even more distress.  It is important to note that hyperactivity does not need to be present for a diagnosis of ADHD.

Could You Or Your Child Benefit From An Evaluation For ADHD?

Fortunately, effective ADHD assessments and treatments exist. WPA can provide comprehensive testing that will enable us to confirm a diagnosis and provide you with a truly comprehension treatment plan. 

An Official Diagnosis Of ADHD Can Help You Get The Support You Need

In the world of ADHD testing, knowledge is power. Instead of being viewed as a stigma or a deficit, it’s important for people who exhibit symptoms of ADHD to get evaluated. Many opportunities can open up with a proper diagnosis, including Individual Education Programs (IEPs), beneficial accommodations for work and school, and effective ADHD treatment. By getting a full sense of your or your child’s needs through ADHD testing, you can feel confident to move forward in skills-building and other interventions that will help make symptoms more manageable. 

ADHD Testing Through WPA

Our skilled psychologists and staff are qualified to perform complete evaluations to confirm or rule out an ADHD diagnosis. Using quantifiable instruments alongside self-report measures, we work with anyone four years of age and older to determine the best course of intervention for you

Still Have Questions About ADHD Evaluations?

What if testing confirms that I don’t/my child doesn’t have ADHD?

Our psychological evaluations are extremely thorough, and we screen for multiple diagnoses when testing for ADHD. If you or your child do not ultimately end up with an ADHD diagnosis, we may make recommendations for additional testing based on your unique concerns. 

We are committed to helping you find answers and will work with you through every step of the testing process to get the information you need. 

Will I be able to get help once a diagnosis is made?

Yes. We will provide a thorough report at the end of the ADHD assessment process, complete with treatment recommendations and necessary accommodations to help you thrive.

I am concerned about the cost of ADHD testing. 

Our practice works with both private-pay and insurance-based clients.

Get The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

We provide thorough psychological evaluations for a wide range of issues.  If you have any additional questions or wish to set up an appointment, please contact our practice at 954-217-2444.